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by The American's Bulletin

Expanded 3rd Printing

You may not be aware of a right to travel, without a license - upon the highways in your own vehicle without a license! To fully understand and appreciate the levity of what is being said here, be willing to disregard what you have been told in the past because it JUST ISN’T TRUE, that is; 1st - the driver’s license is needed to keep the roads safe! – most all accidents involving alcohol, speed chases, and other highway crimes causing property damage are caused by licensed drivers, 2nd – the money, from licenses, is used to maintain the roads and highways – it is the ‘excise taxes’ that you pay when you buy gasoline, oil, tires and other related products, that goes for the repair of the highways …it is your fair share.

‘Traveling By Right’ includes over ‘200 court cases cited’ that document the information provided. Included are such topic areas as: Insurance, Non-Registered Registration, Certificate of ‘TRUE TITLE’, Application of Religious Beliefs, and Order of Authority. If you have rights, you should know of them to exercise them! If you have a right but can’t exercise it, then you should know why! That’s the purpose of Traveling By Right.
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